My story

I’m Lucy, designer and founder of Poppy Lane, a business that was created on my own journey to positive mental health.

Poppy Lane is all about taking a pro-active approach to the everyday. After suffering from mental health problem I had to find new ways to cope and I believe in the power of positive thinking and gratitude.  My heart is for people in the same situation and I want to help. So using my training in graphic design I set about designing postcards and gifts with positive messages.

These cards and gifts are a fantastic way to show someone that you care when you’re just not sure how else to help. They also serve as great daily reminders to anyone suffering with mental health that all is not lost.

So when I'm not working on Poppy Lane, I also have another business The Joy of Memories I set this business up in 2012 and have had over 65,000 orders. I started the business after losing my Dad to cancer which made me realised that life was too short to be unhappy. The Joy of Memories is all about what it says, finding the joy in memories. So all the products I design have memories at the core. It may be recalling memories or making memories.