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Christmas Badge Set for Kids

Christmas Badge Set for Kids

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Introducing our delightful set of 3 Christmas Badges for Kids! These christmas badges are the perfect way to add a touch of christmas cheer.

The badge set includes;

"Santa's Little Helper" Badge: Watch your child's eyes light up with pride as they wear the "Santa's Little Helper" badge. This badge celebrates their role as Santa's trusted sidekick, ready to assist in spreading joy and merriment.

"Nice List Member" Badge: Celebrate your child's exemplary behavior with our "Nice List Member" badge. It's a heartwarming reminder that they've been good all year and have earned their place on Santa's coveted nice list.

"Santa, I Can Explain" Badge: Kids are full of creativity, and sometimes they need a chance to explain themselves. Our "Santa, I Can Explain" badge is a lighthearted way for your child to get their message across to the jolly old man in red, just in case they have a few explanations to offer.

These badges are not only a fun addition to their christmas wardrobe but also a delightful conversation starter. Let your child wear these badges proudly and add an extra touch of magic to this wonderful season. Make this Christmas even more special for your little ones with our enchanting set of 3 Christmas badges!

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