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Personalised Retro Style Sports Ticket Print

Personalised Retro Style Sports Ticket Print

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Stuck what to buy your husband, Dad, Uncle or friend? How about this Personalised Retro Style Sports Ticket Print?

Have they got a memorable sports match that they always talk about?

The print can be for any match, be it Football, Rugby etc. and makes a perfect gift for men at Christmas, Father's Day or Birthdays.

It is personalised to the match you request either fact or fictional as follows:

The name of the stadium e.g. Nou Camp

The match e.g. UEFA Champions League Cup Final

The Teams that played e.g. Manchester Utd V Bayern Munich

The Date of the Match e.g. 26/5/99

VIP Guest: The recipient of the print

Gate and Seat: This could be the initial of the recipient and their age or any letter and number you choose

The time of the match can also be changed, along with the Ticket type: e.g Adult and Price of the ticket.

It is available in orange or blue.

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